Elegant pearl drop bracelet

gold pearl drop bracelet

Biba & Rose is a vendor on the Travelling Souk with a beautiful ivory freshwater pearl drop bracelet complimented with a 12mm Swarovski crystal ‘pearl’. This beautiful peace is elegant and sophisticated, a timeless understated piece of jewellery with a matching necklace that is a perfect match for any outfit.

This beautiful bracelet will arrive in a white Biba & Rose gift box.

The Travelling Souk prides its self on selecting Unique gift ideas that are often not found on the high street.

Keep your children’s artwork safe forever

The Travelling Souk have ideal gifts for a new home, birthday or christmas present or for someone you love all ‘under one roof’. You wont have to walk the High Street to find suitable presents, shop on their exclusive online shop from the comfort of your home, shopping is convenient and hassle free.

We found this clever award winning slot sided picture frame from The Articulate Gallery especially for the display of 2D and 3D children’s artwork. Take the children’s pictures off the fridge door and place them in their rightful place in a frame on the wall in an instant. The children gain a sense of achievement when they see their artwork properly showcased, which is good for their development.

The Articulate A4 Single Sided frame make a great gift for any family member.  Dimensions:  280 x 380 x 40mm

Ideal birthday present for a lady

Image 2

Are you often going away for the weekend abroad and need something just a little bit more special than the regular over night bag? The Travelling Souk have the perfect Phoebe floral oilcloth weekend bag with an oilcloth coating from The Country Cottage Shop.

The lining is a pretty stripe floral pattern in the same colours with no coating just cotton, the exterior is covered with the PVC coating. Each side of the bag on the outside has two pockets for extra storage.

Can be used for a fabulous accessory for a weekend away.

Size:Height 33cm Width 48cm Depth 15cm

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Suede Thorpe tote shoulder Bag for every occasion

Suede Thorpe Tote Shoulder Bag

Have you been looking for a stylish handbag that is versatile enough for everyday use and smart enough for special occasions?

The Travelling Souk have a stunning range of bags to choose from. This Suede Thorpe tote shoulder Bag comes in a variety of great colours with a brown/black detachable strap and white stitch detailing. A generous sized bag is big enough for everything a lady needs in her bag.

Dimensions: L22cm (8.5″), H( ex handle) 21cm (8.5″), W12cm (5.5″)

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Unique house warming gift

Fabulous house warming or wedding gift, summer is here and what better way than to barbeque outdoors with family and friends. Light up the garden with this super storm lantern

This versatile and elegant nickel lantern is stunning either as a centre piece on a dinner table or hang up in the patio.

Size: H:32cm x W: 12cm x D:12cm

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Soft and elegant aqua reversible throw

Reversible soft elegant aqua spot throw so delicate that you will want to cuddle up with it all day!

Drape it over a chair and grab it when you are watching TV or reading, wrap yourself up and stay warm.

The Travelling Souk have some amazing vendors such as The Atlantic Blanket Company who have unusual gift ideas, handmade gifts, unique gifts!

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Stylish and chic lambswool throw

Biscuit Spot reversible throwWe love this soft chic cream and biscuit throw made from lambswool is definitely worth mentioning as its a generous size, beautiful on the touch and so versatile it would compliment any room in your home.

Whether in the sitting room, bedroom or conservatory, so neutral it will go with any decor.

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Perfect gift for someone who has everything

Fabulous Gift Idea

Are you struggling to find a gift for a man or someone who has everything?

We have all been in this awkward position at times, I went on the look out for some great unique gifts and found this Antique stylematch box holder, its elegantly and cleverly decorated to disguise a matchbox. It can be used over again as it takes standard size cooks matches.

Map Matchbox Cover

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Beautiful bird feed

Are you looking for a great gift for a loved one or something for yourself?

The Travelling Souk have this beautiful heart shaped bird feeder. - Bird feeder in heart shape made from lightweight polystone. Includes chain and hook for hanging.

Its a great thing to own and the price is spot on!

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Buy Eco Textiles for you home

Buying eco textiles for your eco home not only says something about your green views, but can also help pressure the textile industry to be more environmentally friendly.

The eco textiles industry is the world’s number one industrial water polluter. It uses millions of gallons of water to dissolve chemicals, dyes and detergents, which are then poured into the local water system where they can damage plant life, wildlife and seep into the groundwater.

Consequently, textile manufacturers are now being pressured to adopt more environmentally friendly manufacturing practices, such as being more energy efficient and recycling water. A lot of this pressure is being applied by the clothing industry, because eco textiles are becoming more popular all the time, both for use in fashion and in eco homes.

The growing popularity of eco textiles in fashion

The fashion industry has a bad reputation for designing throw away clothes at the lowest cost to producers, whilst at a high cost to the environment. But now the trend towards sustainability is influencing the clothes people buy on the high street.

Now trendy labels, top designers and catwalk models all want to be associated with a more sustainable way of manufacturing textiles. This means a greater availability of eco textiles for your eco home.

Ethical fashion encompasses reducing child labour, improving wages for workers in third world countries and making textiles from sustainable materials.

Eco textiles are more sustainable

Synthetic textiles, such as polyester, acrylic and nylon, are all made from petroleum, which is very energy intensive and polluting to manufacture. However, there are greener materials available though for use in your eco house.

Eco textiles are made from natural materials. This includes animal wool and plant fibres, such as organic cotton, hemp, jute, bamboo or linen. Eco textiles can be harvested over and over again and are more energy efficient to produce than synthetics.

Cotton, for example, is the most widely grown textile material in the world, but is also the most chemically intensive to harvest. It’s estimated that cotton crops use a quarter of the world’s insecticides and 10% of its pesticides.

But organic cotton is far more environmentally friendly. The greener harvesting methods used to grow organic cotton means it’s free of toxic chemical fertilizer and pesticides.

So when buying textiles materials for your eco home, make sure they’re eco textiles. This will help keep pressure on the textile industry to be more environmentally friendly in how it operates.